Turn Touch

Control your home with style

Pair your Turn Touch remote to your iPhone, iPad, or Mac, allowing you to control
connected devices, Mac software, and Turn Touch apps.

A small remote with big power

Four buttons, four apps, 16 actions.
Tap, double-tap, or hold your way into quick control.


With just a tap, perform an action like changing the music or turning on the lights.


Some actions can be double-tapped, allowing you to switch albums or turn your lights off quicker.


Hold a button for one second to switch between one of four apps.

Tap all four

Don't know what a button does? Press all four buttons to show a heads-up display (HUD)

Customize your apps

Four buttons gives you four apps and each app can be customized and re-arranged to work best for you.

Customize your actions

Every button comes configured, but for added customization, personalize the actions to your liking.

Run multiple actions at once

Select the four apps your remote controls and enhance those with batching options allowing you to mix and match different apps.

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